This was a NASA-like challenge: fix a BIG problem with the simplest of tactics.  Public education programs often go over like ‘lead balloons.’  Even more so than with kids, adults generally only willingly learn things that they believe will be quickly and readily applied to their day-to-day reality, PLUS the learning has to be an enjoyable experience:

The adult learner wants their education wrapped in experiential entertainment.

What the OLG’s problem required was an impactful educational experience that would teach both buyers and sellers indelible lessons, ideally incorporating both memorable visual devices and a physically involving activity.


Sign Your Ticket:  This program had to support the ‘Play With Confidence’ advertising campaign the OLG was running in mainstream media.  It had to help transform lottery players’ habits and leave them with an unforgettable and very relevant memory of having fun while signing lottery tickets, along with some important education about…

  • The process retailers are required to follow when checking or redeeming tickets.
  • The variety of existing ways they could check and redeem their tickets (DIY Ticket Checker and Customer Display features).

The BIG Pen ‘Play & Sign’ Experience

At shopping centers and high traffic venues/events like consumer shows and fairs across the provinces, a team of OLG Ambassadors engaged 1 MILLION Ontarians and challenged them to use a giant 5 foot tall ‘pen’ to inscribe an equally huge mock lottery ticket with a legible facsimile of their signature.   Every participant ‘won’ an OLG pen, a ticket wallet, a ‘quick reference card’ listing the key security points and a discount coupon for their next lottery ticket purchase after both ‘signing’ and interacting with an Ambassador who took the opportunity to quiz them about their knowledge of ticket security and ‘fill in the blanks’.

the concept presentation:


the campaign in market:

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