Natrel Growing Artists

From Commodity to Contagious. Is that even Possible? Promotions that build brand equity? Really?

When moms arrive at the “Last 3 Feet” of the dairy section they’re faced with rotating price promotions on what appears to be an identical product branded a dozen different ways, no matter what equity building efforts have been made out in the marketplace.  How can a premium product compete?

Natrel, a division of Agropur, Canada’s leading supplier of dairy products and premium filtered milk, wanted to forge an enduring connection with growing kids in a way they’d truly appreciate, while simultaneously engaging Mom, the key decision-maker.  The objectives were:

  1. Supporting Natrel’s position as a premium brand.
  2. Create a unique and memorable experience that draws kids and mothers into the world of Natrel.
  3. Reinforce the unique benefits of Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk.
  4. Increase trial and awareness of Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk in Ontario and Quebec.

Let’s face it, kids may sometimes have to be persuaded to drink milk, but they love to express themselves through drawing, painting and colouring.  Sharing their personal creations with family and friends gives their growing egos a boost, while leveraging Mom’s conviction that her little Picasso’s work is destined for a space in an art museum. Injecting a little competitiveness into the mix just makes the program that much more powerful!

I saw an opportunity for the Natrel brand to reach orbit while recruiting budding Art Directors at the same time.   A platform that reached over 1,000,000 consumers where they live, play and learn!  The promotion became so succesful that the Client decide to run it for 3 consecutive years.


Natrel’s “Growing Artists” Competition


Four to fourteen year-olds (the category’s “decision-influencers”) were encouraged to create their individual vision of natural beauty by drawing a picture of themselves, family members, friends, or anything they came up with, in the natural world.  To attract and engage a large number of kids, a mini school bus was transformed into a branded interactive creativity center.  The bus served as a mobile outdoor medium, but also as a destination to attract interest, promote participation and direct the contest activation.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.33.19 PM

Supporting school initiatives, outdoor family festivals, retail sampling experiences and other targeted family events, Natrel Ambassadors traveled throughout Ontario and Quebec, providing kids, parents and teachers with the opportunity to sample Natrel Fine-Filtered Milk, learn about the contest, create personal artwork, explore the “Natrel World”, play games and simply have fun!

The original works of art that the growing artists created were showcased in the online gallery. To increase the viral expansion of the program and strengthen connections with our target consumers after the events took place, entrants were encouraged to get as many votes as possible for their artwork by sending the website link to family and friends.  Entries with the most votes had their drawings printed on Natrel’s milk cartons for all of Canada to admire!