ididit mobile app


Mobile apps. We talk about them. We recommend them to our Clients. Truth is; if you have not developed one yourself, you don’t really know what you are talking about. So I did one from scratch with 2 partners. From the first idea, to the name, identity, wireframe dev, interface design to the final app-to-market elements, ididit! was not only a hugely fun project to work on, it was my intense course to walk the walk versus just talk the talk. Since then, I have had the pleasure to work on half a dozen other mobile apps.


Everybody has a goal, whether it is to conquer Kilimanjaro or 12 piles of dirty laundry. Write down a goal and share it with others, and you’re more likely to reach it. The ididit! App helps everyday people achieve their dreams, one goal at a time.

This mobile application is designed to set, track, share, achieve and celebrate goals, big and small. Unlike some other goal tracking apps, ididit! App keeps things simple and fun so you can spend your time on reaching your goal instead.

Look at this app like a little buddy who keeps you focused on achieving what matters. How does it work? In a nutshell:

•  Set a goal—big or small, short or long term

•  Stay focused with automated reminders

•  Share your progress and your victories instantly on Facebook, Twitter and email

•  Better and so much more fun than a to-do list or calendar

•  Get reminders AND accountability in one App





Please visit the ididit! website or social sites to have a close-up look at this fun lil’ app.

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