FishHunter Mobile Fish Finder



One upon a time, fish were in charge. 

Men would wait for them to bite. 

Then FishHunter came along …


The folks of Appetite Lab had come up with a real innovation. A mobile fish finder essentially changing the game of sportfishing forever.  Engineered with US military technology this is a powerful sonar fishfinder for Apple and Android phones. The sonar floats on the water and tracks fish. It connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth where the mobile app shows exactly what those fish are up to.  With this mobile app, critical fishing info like fishing maps, weather and moon cycles are at the fingertips of fishermen turning them instantly into fishing heroes. Mothers, fathers, potential brides-to-be, buddies and previous classmates will instantly know about this fishing awesomeness through the social sharing functionalities of this clever app. Beside the rewards of instant brag with friends & family, the app allows users to instantly enter their catch in fishing contests.

I was asked to champion the brand development of this new product. From strategy, to naming, identity design, sonar packaging, actual mobile app design and all internal and external communication campaigns and materials on both digital and non-digital platforms, I was the luckiest creative in the world to have been given this jewel of a project.



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