Colgate Visible White

How do you launch the first whitening toothpaste with a “technical benefits” story?  You don’t!   When working for LAUNCH! as their Creative Director, I made the recommendation to shift the brand’s platform away from Colgate’s entrenched efficacy story to focus instead on the real end-benefits for consumers of new Colgate Visible White. It was only by making this strategic step-change that the product could fully leverage its distinct point of difference. The lovely folks at Colgate decided to follow the reco  and lead with an esthetic, cosmetic benefit platform, connecting the brand to fashion/beauty versus oral care.

A confident, playfully naughty young woman showing off her pearly whites while biting on a bright red berry set the tone.  The promotional ad campaign brought this product to life at retail and a PR campaign targeted fashion and beauty influencers.


Fashion-oriented PR campaign efforts that resulted in fashion page coverage in major national newspapers, magazines and on TV.


Shoppers Drug Mart’s market-leading, cosmetics banner-chain credentials was an ideal customer partner for an impactful Shopper Marketing program “The Colgate Visible White Smile Tour” that was made-to-measure for this retailer’s specific strengths and needs.  

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I also maximized the influence of top beauty and fashion brands like Revlon, Timex, Foxy, Calvin Klein and magazines like Flare and Lou Lou to gain further altitude for Colgate Visible White, with a “fashion insert” Fashion and LouLou Magazine including a promotion where consumers had a chance to win a trip to Toronto, get a makeover by professional stylists, star in their own “Redefine You” photo shoot and receive partner gift packs.



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